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It's your path. At Trulie, we simply help you find your footing.
With stylish and sensible 
products, inspiration is only a click away.

Trulie You

When you look in the mirror, what do you see? Are you living the story you want to tell? A Trulie woman has purpose and dreams big, yet still focuses on the details: from the notepad on her desk to the color of her walls. After all, you did not wake up today to be mediocre.


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Our Mission

A Trulie woman has a healthy dose of confidence, class, and just a touch of sass. She is bold, brave, and authentic. A Trulie woman is willing to make the tough decisions, doing the right thing for the right reason. She knows the world is watching, but she is focused on reaching her full potential. A Trulie woman's inspiration comes from within.

Women face their own challenges. It takes strength and a bit of support to overcome them. At Trulie, our goal is to build a strong sense of community, give back, and empower you to find your voice. When a Trulie woman speaks, people listen. Welcome to the Trulie family. We look forward to continuing the conversation.

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Our Vision

Three friends came together with the common goal of forging their own path. With Three friends came together with the common goal of forging their own path. With previous experience working for small retail businesses, we were confident in our ability to improve customer service and decided to branch out on our own. Starting out in a one-car garage, we studied market trends and developed relationships with brand suppliers, culminating in the launch of shopTrulie.com.

Specializing in contemporary stationery and office accessories for home and business, our focus is on delivering the products you desire with the service you deserve. With offices and warehouses located near Denver, Colorado, we offer free same-day shipping across the United States.

“Trulie is more than an ordinary retail shop. It’s a creative
place with a mission to inspire giving and beautiful living.
Be true to yourself!”



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