Wedding Bloggers Give Their Best Planning Tips for Brides

Amber Clark

Apr 13, 2017


Wedding Bloggers Give Their Best Planning Tips for Brides

You’ve recently gotten engaged, congratulations! It’s an exciting time for every future bride.

After all the photo-sharing of your new bling, your engagement party and — of course — celebratory drinks, it’s time to think about the wedding. But where do you begin?

From destination weddings to your perfect wedding cake, we asked these nine wedding bloggers to share their secrets so you can focus on enjoying this special milestone and not sweat logistics. 

Get organized

“A bride should first buy a binder and get organized. This way there's a central place for‎ all proposals, timelines, samples and contracts. She should also create a wedding email for all of the outreach.”

– Tatiana, celebrity wedding planner and CEO of Wedding Salon

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Be responsible about your ring

wedding planning tips ring insurance

“The very first thing every bride should do after getting engaged is to get their ring insured.

“It seems like a simple and unnecessary thing, but you would not believe the amount of brides who lose their ring during wedding planning. Whether it’s taken off when you head to the beach, or it slips off your finger during a dress fitting, you want to make sure your ring is covered!”

– Gillian Ellis of Coastal Bride

Begin with your budget

“My No. 1 piece of advice for all couples who are planning a wedding is to absolutely NOT book a single thing or even meet with a vendor until you have an idea of your total wedding budget.

“It’s so easy to get swept up in the excitement of trying on dresses and tasting cake that brides completely forget that they are going to be spending a good chunk of change on this one day. But if they don't know exactly how much they have to spend, how can they be sure they don't overspend?

“Sit down with all contributing parties and figure out how much everyone is going to contribute. Add that together and consider how much [extra] you can save to contribute over the period of your engagement. Then you have your total budget!

“Knowing how much you have to spend and committing to not allowing yourself to go over is the best plan of attack for staying on budget.”

– Jessica Bishop of

“The first thing every bride should do is figure out how much she can and will be able to spend on her wedding. I see too many couples go in blindly, and then they book the venue and find they have very little money left for everything else. It’s not a comfortable subject, but you have to know your entire budget before you even set the date!”

– Danielle Rothweiler of Rothweiler Event Design

“As much as no one ever wants to talk money — and this holds true for people with plenty and people without — this is the most important first conversation.

“You know that old adage, if you don’t know where you’re going, how will you know when you get there? The same holds true for planning a wedding with no budget roadmap. This discussion needs to be held early on in the planning process with your fiance, parents (if they’re paying) and planner, not because we want to spend every last dime, but because we want to ensure you’re allotting the proper amounts to the right line items.

“After establishing how much you want to spend, pick your top three priorities: music, food, flowers, food, venue, decor, etc. This will help you determine where it’s okay to spend more money and where you’ll need to look for more affordable vendors.”

– Tara Consolati of Tara Consolati Events

When it comes to your photographer

“Choosing a photographer is a pretty important decision and one a newly-engaged couple will want to make as soon as they have a wedding date in mind.

“Saturdays begin filling up about a year in advance, so hiring an experienced, reputable photographer should be one of the first things a couple considers after they pick a wedding date.

“It isn’t necessary to have the location picked out. They just need a date, so the photographer can see if they are available.

“Don’t worry if the photographer hasn’t photographed at your venue — experienced photographers will be able to shoot at any location.

“A photographer’s primary concern is the quality of light and finding great backdrops for your portraits. Experienced photographers will have lots of opinions on wedding venues, so they are an excellent resource for choosing your location.

“Working with a photographer early in your planning process is crucial to setting up a stress-free, fun and memorable day!”

– Amy Bennett of Amy Bennett Photography

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Find the sweetest wedding cake

“There is no hard rule about when to book your baker, but it’s not a bad idea to do it as soon as you have a date and a venue. I book cakes as far as a year in advance. It’s especially important to book early if you know you love a certain baker’s work or want a particular design.

Today is the most beautiful day!

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“Attending a cake tasting is one of the most fun parts of planning a wedding, so it’s a perfect way to dip a toe in the planning process.

“I usually don't recommend having more than two cake flavors — the calculus of who’s choosing what just gets too complicated. Remember that you’re choosing not just your favorite flavor, but something for your guests. I often suggest one fruity flavor and one chocolate-y.”

– Catherine George of Catherine George Cakes

Hire a wedding planner for a destination wedding

“Different cities have different rules and considerations. Wedding planners know these things.

“A wedding planner will know what part of the city has crime — you definitely want a safe wedding and safe places for your guests’ accommodation.

“Weather is also a big factor. You wouldn’t want your guest in 100-degree weather. A wedding planner will know the best months to have your outside wedding.

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“A wedding planner will also know the wedding off-season for that city. This is great for brides, because you will be able to cut costs — from hotels to transportation.”

– Jodi Cassidy of Savannah Wedding Dreams

Remember what it’s really about

Always love a good detail shot. 💍

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“Today’s weddings are no longer just about the bride — it’s about both people in the partnership. One person may have more input in certain departments than others, but we all have our strengths. It’s best to use those strengths to plan a killer celebration together!”

– Danielle Pasternak of DPNAK Weddings

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