The Truth About How Job Recruiters Really Work

Amber Clark

Jan 31, 2017


The Truth About How Job Recruiters Really Work

Looking for a job can be a tough experience. Whether it’s a career change or simply a forceful necessity, we can all agree that job hunting it’s harder than it should be.

The truth is, many get lost in this process. You may need to get creative about how you sell yourself if you only get rejections. You might need to take more advantage of your network or even take a leap of faith and try something that is out of the box.


The Ups:

If there is anything to be said about job recruiters is that they sure know the right people. They have great connections with top level managers and know a lot of inside information about the job market.  

There’s no question about the fact that a job recruiter has the potential to ease the job searching process for you, especially if you lack connections and need guidance. However, they are not required to do so. Yes, recruiters have what might be called a refined 6th sense and can spot a great match from ten miles away.

However, you need to understand that a recruiter doesn’t work for you; they work with you. They are compensated by a client company, so it’s in their best interest to find a great candidate. That also means that they are usually conducting research for a company and not the other way around.

The Downs:

On the other hand, job recruiters might not be that into your interests as you think. With payments conditional to their recruiting success, what they want is to seal the deal. Sometimes that might mean not giving you the best options. At the same time, a recruiter might try to undersell you and reduce you to the previous income value you were making.

While it can sound a bit selfish, remember they are just doing their job. Bear in mind that recruiters DO NOT work for you. However, a lot of people are mistakenly looking at them as some career consultants – which they are not. Do not expect them to be helping you; they are not your Job Cupid. If they can sometimes share their time and resources, it is because they generously choose to, not because it’s written in their job description.

Working with a recruiter is a decision to consider carefully both in regards to your needs and to what they could offer to you.

If still unsure about it, don’t worry. The good thing about job searching is that it can offer a lot of valuable lessons. Sure, it’s nice to have someone who can point you in the right direction, but the truth is that a recruiter can’t help you land the job. You have to learn how to sell yourself during the interview, how to control your body language to communicate confidence and how to highlight the skills mentioned in your resume. That takes time and practice.

Even if you get 100 rejections, don’t lose hope. Instead, look for alternative ways to make yourself stand out. Resume Yeti, for instance, is a service that can help your create amazing resumes that perfectly showcase your skills and background.

As overwhelming as it may sometimes seem, going through the process of finding a job can actually help you in the long run. It builds your skills and strengths. While working with a recruiter can be a good decision, look for other alternatives before you take this route.

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