The 10 Best Productivity Apps for Your Mac

Amber Clark

Jul 27, 2016


The 10 Best Productivity Apps for Your Mac

Your Mac is a powerful tool, but like most pieces of technology, it's only as good as the programs it's running. If you're looking to boost your productivity, these Mac apps offer several ways to do just that.

1. Disk Cleaner

Disk Cleaner does just what it says – it helps you save disk space so you can maximize the usefulness of your Mac. Get rid of application logs, mail downloads, iTunes downloads, large files, application caches, and more.

2. The Unarchiver

The Unarchiver will help you unarchive numerous formats so you can open files quickly and easily using just one app. Save time that would otherwise be spent trying to find the right program or figuring out how a particular format works.

3. Magnet

Magnet is the ultimate multitasking tool. This app lets you arrange files side by side, snap windows into the corners, and drag content from one program to another. If you need to run multiple programs at one time, or compare several windows at once, this is an essential tool.

4. Word Document Writer

Microsoft Office is a program that's not as readily available to Mac users as those on PCs. You can solve this problem with the Word Document Writer app. This will help you create Word documents as quickly and seamlessly as your counterparts who don't use Apple products.

5. Unclutter

Are you regularly collecting images, notes, and documents that you want to access at a moment's notice? Perhaps you're prone to a desktop that's full of shortcuts that are meant to be handy, but simply end up looking messy. Unclutter gives you draggable cards, a clipboard manager, and convenient file storage.

6. Caffeine

The cleverly named Caffeine app prevents your Mac from going to sleep. This is handy if you're reading long documents or making Skype calls. All you have to do is click the icon on the right side of the menu bar and your Mac will stay fully awake until you deselect the box.

7. DwellClick

Tired of all the clicking you do? DwellClick will eliminate this one small action, which could cut out hundreds or thousands of clicks a day depending on how you use your computer. All you do is point and this app will handle the clicking according to your preferences.

8. I'm Away – IM Status Changer

I'm Away will tell everyone when you're away from the computer with a single click. Stop wasting your time updating statuses in Skype, iChat, and Adium: this app handles them all at once.

9. QuickCal

If you're frequently adding items to your calendar, QuickCal is a must-have productivity pick. This app recognizes your natural language so you can make calendar entries more quickly and efficiently.

10. Pixelmator

Pixelmator is perfect for quick, powerful photo editing. This application lets you add special effects, cut out objects, and remove elements easily.

Increase your productivity in nearly any area with these 10 smart apps for your Mac. You may uncover enough extra time to fit a whole new project in your day.

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