Repurposing Last Year's Agenda

Amber Clark

Aug 23, 2016


Repurposing Last Year's Agenda

If your old agenda is just too cute to part with, you have several options for giving it new life. Repurpose the adorable designer pages of a Lilly Pulitzer agenda, or keep the entire cover of an agenda book intact using these fun and crafty solutions. You'll enjoy a whole new decorative piece from your old agenda, while making room in your life for a fun new notebook for the year ahead.

Make a Trendy Tablet Case

If you're in love with the cover from your old agenda, you can keep it in your life while ditching the pages that go in the middle. This project will work with an agenda cover as well as any great notebook cover that you want to hold on to. The most important factor is whether your tablet or e-reader is sized correctly to fit inside the old book. If it's a match, go ahead and give your old agenda a new purpose as a protective case for your favorite technology.

Strip the inner pages from your agenda so all you're left with is the outer case. Cover the center with a soft fabric and affix it to the cover with fabric glue. This will help keep your tablet clean and scratch-free. Use a nail to punch holes in the corners where your tablet will sit, and tie small pieces of elastic around the corners so you can tuck your tablet underneath and keep it in place.

Create Cute Coasters

Any heavy paper can become a decorative coaster with the right tools. You can turn the inner dividers of your planner into a full set of coasters, or simply use the cover to make a few pretty pieces. Use ceramic tiles as the base for your coasters to give them some heft. Cut your planner paper to the size of the tiles. Cover the tile in Mod Podge, then stick the paper on top. Smooth it out slowly for a bubble-free finish.

Once the paper is secure on top of the tile, cover it with two or three additional layers of Mod Podge on top. This will help create a glossy, waterproof seal so your coasters are as functional as they are attractive.

Wallpaper a Bulletin Board

Brighten up your bulletin board with the eye-catching pages from your old planner to give it a fresh, new look. This is an easy project that you need minimal supplies for. Using the inner monthly dividers from a bright, colorful planner will instantly give you an agenda-focused bulletin board that's ideal for posting your schedule and calendar.

Simply trim the pages to size, lay them out in the preferred order, and secure with craft glue or Mod Podge. If you want to avoid thumbtack holes in the paper, you may want to lay criss-crossed ribbons on top of the board to hold items in place.

You never need to say goodbye to a beloved agenda when you have the right craft supplies and a little creativity on hand. With these quick projects, you can keep your favorite agenda for years to come.

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