7 Ways to Wow Your Guests with DIY Holiday Decorations

Amber Clark

Dec 12, 2016


7 Ways to Wow Your Guests with DIY Holiday Decorations

You must already feel the holiday fever escalating, especially if you’re going to be a host this year. Having family, friends or neighbors coming over is surely the warmest way to spend the festive winter days, but worrying about party preparations and money can take all that excitement away.

Your house can still be the perfect setting for this year’s Christmas without overindulging in the standard decoration treats you pay dearly for in the store. Instead, get wrapping paper, acrylic painting color, brushes, cutters, scissors, creativity, and embark on a DIY holiday domestic job!

Oh, Christmas Tree!

Buying the beautiful real version is both expensive and unkind to the forests. So why not make your own tree this year, using alternative ideas and materials? As long as you can imitate the shape – using wire, wood, even books to mimic it – people will appreciate you keeping the tradition in such a smart, inventive way. You can find some inspiration here.

The New Embellishments

Making your own tree ornaments is the most fun and easiest task for a DIY Christmas. You have endless possibilities to toy with, from the real pinecones you can find outside the house to all the tiny collectibles you’ve been keeping inside, such as old skeleton keys or vintage pastry forms. Just spray them in white, silver, and gold for a fresh, festive feel.   

Jarring Goods

Glass jars will certainly excite the Christmas senses, like childhood memories of eating cookies out of the jar. Now you can use a rather large one, like a vintage apothecary jar, as decoration. If you didn’t toss the burned-out light bulbs in the trash, you can paint them in bright, bold colors and place them inside a transparent jar for a nostalgic sparkle at the table. Here are some fun and simple ideas.

‘Round the Chimney

Chimneys and fireplaces are definitely winter hot spots, even if you’re not hoping to catch Santa on his way inside the house anymore. The magic and warmth of a fire is all we need after a  tasty Christmas meal, having a glass and carrying on a conversation. Entertain your guests with mantel decorations like votive candles and real berry wreaths for a cozy, natural holiday feel.

All That Glitters

Nothing says winter fun like the glow of all things around us. Snow, Christmas lights, shop windows, even make-up products are shining during this time of the year and so can your house.

A few metallic paint colors and silver and gold spray cans become prerequisites for any DIY holiday project. Use them to transform wooden branches, plant pots, picture frames and any other suitable items in your home into the perfect glowing symbols of the season.

Making an Entry

Make your own giant wreath to hang at the entrance, using thin bare tree branches and sewing ribbons or candy to it, and  complement the hallway space with Christmas touches of your choice. You can hang extra greenery as garlands for the doors, windows or staircase if your home is big enough, or just make up a special hot spot – with lit candles, fresh oranges, cinnamon sticks and artificially snowed accessories – to draw attention and be inviting.

And It’s a Wrap

Christmas gifts are one thing everyone anticipates and can hardly wait for (all year long). So how can you make this moment the peak of your party? The secret lies in the presentation. Do your design by getting a sleek monochromatic paper to do the final wrap on top of the customary store wrapping on all the gifts. Imagine just how epic a line of all-pink or all-white gifts would look under the tree!

With the Christmas season knocking on the door, it’s time to look for the best ideas to prep your house the smart and inexpensive way. Hopefully these suggestions will come in handy.





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