#MomBoss: How to Find Work-Life Balance as a Momtrepreneur

Patty McCrystal

Jul 30, 2017


#MomBoss: How to Find Work-Life Balance as a Momtrepreneur

Being a mom and an entrepreneur is no walk in the park. 

In fact, between answering emails, getting the kids ready for school, conference calls, prepping meals, updating your website and more, you’re lucky to squeeze in a walk in the park with the family before you hit the hay.

However, as a millennial mom who works from home, you do have one advantage over the moms of the past — there are now more apps, products and online resources to help you find the right balance and stay organized than ever before.

That’s why we asked some seriously inspiring boss-mamas to share how they find work-life balance — from using an agenda to giving yourself some TLC.

Make lots of lists

From client calls to pediatrician visits, routinely using an agenda is a great way to keep your daily, weekly and even monthly to-dos organized as a working mom. That’s how Hannah Tovar, beauty and mommy blogger at Brave Blonde, stays on top of her schedule. 

“One thing my mom always told me was ‘I can have it all, I just can't have it all right now.’ Don't try to conquer everything in one day or at one time.”

 “I make a list of things that need to get done that week,” Tovar says. “Then I look at my calendar and see what appointments and deadlines I have, and then make a list of what I can realistically get done.”

There are advantages to sticking to a pen-and-paper agenda over an app — studies show that writing down your to-do lists instead of typing them helps boost memory.

Plus, handwriting helps your reading, writing, language and critical thinking skills — something both moms and little ones benefit from practicing!

Find your perfect agenda now >

Make Your Errands Run Themselves

One of the fantastic things about being a millennial mom is the abundance of online tools and platforms to help you.

Loading all the tykes into the car for a long day of errands is a thing of the past — knock out your grocery list on your phone or computer while keeping an eye on the little ones at home.

“Amazon Prime was the best invention for mommies,” says Tovar. “I don’t have time to always be out running errands, so I hop onto Amazon and bang, it’s at my doorstep in two days.”

Other grocery stores and big brands have jumped on the online-ordering-and-delivery bandwagon, too, including Walmart, Kroger and Whole Foods.

Another secret? Automate when possible, like Tovar: “I have all the important things on a subscription. This way I don't have to worry about running out of paper towels or even toothpaste!”

Work Smarter, Not Harder

You need a system of organization that can track all your ongoing projects and deadlines for you.

“Organization is not my strong suit, but I need to have some sort of order in my life,” says Jessica Walters of Mama Essentials 

But she has a favorite go-to tool. “As a busy mom, an entrepreneur and a blogger, I am constantly looking for things to help simplify life. One of my favorite resources is Trello. It’s the perfect tool for any millennial mom!”

Trello and other organizational apps like Asana and Evernote can help you manage workflows and keep your files organized. Use them to sort notes, outline projects, send and receive documents, and delegate tasks.

Find Time to Focus

Balancing work and mom life can be draining. That’s why it’s to find alone time to focus on your work (or yourself) without distractions, so you can be your best in both roles. This is how Casey Anderson of Collectively Casey finds her balance as a #momboss:

“When my daughter is awake, I am 100% mom to her and everything revolves around my role as her mother.” 

“When she’s napping or down for the night, I can be a blogger, and I focus 100% of my energy on writing posts, catching up on emails, and engaging on social media.”

Waking up an hour or two early before the rest of your family rises or coordinating with a spouse or babysitter to get time alone before bed can give you the solitude you need to focus and recharge.

“Waking up early has been a game-changer for me,” Tovar says. “Even getting up an hour earlier to get myself together before my son Hudson wakes up makes me feel like I am ahead of the game.”

Spending time alone to listen to music, journal, hit an exercise class or go for a nature walk allows you to clear your mind, work through any anxieties, and recharge for the next challenge. 

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