How to Stay Motivated and Make Money With a Side Hustle

Patty McCrystal

Aug 18, 2017


How to Stay Motivated and Make Money With a Side Hustle

Has your boss caught you daydreaming again? Maybe you can’t keep your mind off a design project you’d rather be doing instead of your less-than-creative 9-to-5. Or maybe you’re a #momtrepreneur looking to bring in more cash to support your family.

Whether it’s to pursue a passion or to make more money, many women successfully turn to a side hustle to accomplish both.

A side hustle is a business you can run in your free time that gives you the chance to dive into your interests while keeping your day job. About a third of working Americans do freelance work on the side, while over 66% of millennials want to start their own businesses. 

If you’re ready to take the leap into your own passion project but aren’t sure where to start, we rounded up some advice from total #ladybosses who have mastered the art of the side hustle.

From financial planning to staying motivated, here’s what you need to know about how to make money with a side hustle.

Find Your Stride

“It’s going to take some experimentation to see how your side hustle will fit into your daily schedule. For me, it meant experimenting with times that worked best for me to write.

“Whether that’s at 6 am for two hours before work or at 6 pm for two hours after work, either way, it was crucial for me to make the time and commit to those hours.”

 Ryanne Probst, Main gig: associate publicist at Berkley Publishing Side hustle: contributing writer at

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    Stay Organized

    Have a system that works for you. Trello organizes my projects and my running to-do list on my phone, which is organized by day. [It] keeps me using my time efficiently and allows me to quickly swap things around and keep track of due dates.”

    Shannon Fox, Main gig: Marketing Coordinator at Coastal Premier Properties Side hustle: B2B marketing manager with Minute Marketing, freelance writer and novelist

    Thanks for the encouragement planner!!

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    Prioritize Accordingly

    “My full-time job is my first priority, but I have to make sure I put time into my side hustle also. Because I like to plan my days down to every hour, I love using an agenda.

    Each day is broken into hours, so I can plan my days exactly how I want. My Trulie agenda has a spot for me to put monthly goals and a section for vacation goals (so I’m reminded where my hard-earned money is going). And every month I get a new inspirational quote to keep me motivated!”

    — Veronica Lopez, Main gig: email marketing manager at BKMedia Group, Side-hustle: secret shopper for Market Force and promotional model

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    Know Your Worth

    “As you get more experience, make sure to keep adjusting your rates. And if you’re one of those people who has a hard time pricing your services (I notoriously undervalue myself), ask a trusted friend who knows your industry for their opinion.

    If you don’t have a friend in your industry, ask your mentor or your biggest cheerleader!”

     Shannon Fox

    Find Balance

    Finally feeling well enough to get caught up on life. Note: For best results, include the support of a kitty friend

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    “Your loved ones are usually happy to support you in your side hustle, but always remember to over-communicate: what you need, when you need it and where you’ll be.

    “Don’t forget to keep checking in with friends and family, and make sure to schedule time with them when you’re not doing anything else but being present.”

     Shannon Fox

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    Budget Your Time

    work so hard 📷: @cccolvin . . . #shoptrulie #livetrulie @shoptrulie

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    “Some months I have more time than others, but I try to keep the same financial goals each month.

    “How much I make is directly related to how much time I put in, so I try to put in about the same hours each month so I know how much supplemental income I will have.”

    — Veronica Lopez

    Remember Your “Why”

    “If you’re bothering with a side hustle at all, it’s probably because you have a passion for it. Make sure you’re still absolutely obsessed with it, or it won’t be worth [your time] anymore. Keep your ‘why’ front and center.”

     Shannon Fox

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