Easy Ways to Get Fit for the Summer

Amber Clark

May 25, 2016


Easy Ways to Get Fit for the Summer

Now that summer is just around the corner, it's time to start getting fit. No more sitting around drinking hot chocolate or eating desserts while huddled in a blanket (not for those who want to fit into swimsuits, anyway). Here are five key things people can do to get in shape for summer.


The first step to embracing pre-summer fitness is committing to the process – fully committing. That means no starting today, taking a break tomorrow, and quitting next week – but actually, seriously committing. To do so, create a plan. Decide in advance what kinds of fitness activities will be focused on and how many days per week and hours per day will be devoted to doing them.

Once that's done, invest in comfortable workout clothes, a good pair of sneakers, and any necessary workout gear. Stick to the plan and try not to miss any days. It's not as difficult as it seems once you get into a rhythm.

Set a Workout Schedule

A huge component of a workout plan is a workout schedule, which is not difficult to create. Joe Decker, a renowned fitness trainer, recommends working out five days per week for consistency. His ideal schedule is Monday-Friday with a warm up followed by intervals of jogging, pull-ups, push-ups, and more. Each workout would close with a cool down and stretching. The actual schedule and workout can vary but must be consistent, frequent, and efficient.

The Bird Dog

Looking for an easy exercise that works? Try the Bird Dog, one of fitness director Annie Mulgrew's favorite get-fit-for-summer exercises. The move incorporates the entire body but can mostly be felt in the shoulders, arms, and core.

Those who want to try it should start on their hands and knees. Lift the left arm and right leg up and away from each other. Then bring the limbs back toward each other and extend them out again. Place the hand back on the ground and dip forward as if doing a push up (both knees should be planted on the ground). Repeat with the other arm/leg combo.

The Lower-Body Blast

To get those legs toned, do a bit of simple lower body sculpting. This exercise targets the legs and butt specifically but is also beneficial for the shoulders and arms. Start by standing with feet at hip-width apart and arms down at the sides. Step back with one foot into a lunge and push up into a skip. Swing the arms at the same time: one going up, the other going down. Do this 12 times and repeat with opposite arms/legs.

Follow Jillian Michaels

For some fitness motivation, Jillian Michaels is the perfect person to follow on Twitter. The Biggest Loser coach provides awesome tips on everything from workout routines to nutritional eating. She even shares inspirational quotes and photos to encourage anyone to get up and get moving. But her posts aren't all about fitness; she even sprinkles in hilarious life lessons, as well.

Getting fit for the summer doesn't have to be difficult. It can be as simple and pain-free as a commitment, workout schedule, a couple of exercises, and some expert motivation.




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