9 Original Theme Party Ideas for 2017

Amber Clark

Mar 07, 2017


9 Original Theme Party Ideas for 2017

So you’re throwing a party with your friends to celebrate 2017, but you feel like lately, you’re not having as much fun as you guys used to.

Why not try a theme party and surprise everyone with some quirky, new activities to do, and make sure this time, it will be a night you’ll be talking about for a long time?

Here are just some of the party ideas to get your imagination going, but don’t feel like you have to limit yourself to these. The sky's the limit here so go wild with your party theme ideas and most important of all, have fun!

Spa Day (or Night)

More than 75% of Americans claim their stress levels are so high that they feel unhealthy. So, gather some friends for a night of pampering – massages, manicures, pedicures, face masks, you name it! All of this, accompanied by a few glasses of champagne, of course. Whatever gets your guests relaxed enough works in this case

80s Dance Party

Is there such thing as someone that doesn’t love the 80s? We don’t think so! Create the best playlist and dance the night away in your neon, Madonna and Billy Idol outfits.

Medieval Dinner Party

Use candles and torches to recreate that specific atmosphere and make sure to have a truly medieval menu. Yes, that means mostly eating chicken with your hands and drinking the best red wine from silver goblets, but you’ll definitely have fun!

Las Vegas Party

Wear your finest clothes and dress up for a night of gambling! The guys should rent tuxes, and the girls should put on their hottest dresses while playing blackjack or cards. Decorate the room just like a casino, with dice, a buffet of snacks and of course, a drink in your hand!

Comic Book Party

Imagine if all your favorite childhood superheroes got together and threw a party! Well, do just that. Have your friends dress up as their favorite comic book character and then clash all your stories together. It’ll be just like a movie, only with you guys in it! You can’t deny that this is one of the best party ideas for a memorable experience.

Woodstock Party

Recreate the flower power era and get your friends together for a night of chilling. Put on some 60s music or even better, see if you can find any Woodstock concert recordings, and play them while pretending to be there yourselves. Slip into some informal, airy clothes, make yourself comfortable and just relax.

Solve the Murder Party

Gather your friends for a night of thrills – indulge in this classic party game that gets everyone trying to wrap their brain around who the murderer is. It’s a fun and addictive game that will keep you going until the morning and will definitely give you something to talk about the next day!

Come as The Other Party

If you have a definite number of people coming over, do something fun and make them dress up as another guest. No one will be themselves that night – not only will they need to dress up for the part, they will need to act it too. They’ll need to stay in character until they leave and afterwards, you can decide who made the best impression at your party.

Karaoke Party

No party is a bad party if it involves karaoke! You don’t even need to know how to sing; you just need to be up for it. Make sure you warm up your guests with some drinks, to get the shy ones to move forward and then have fun singing your lungs out!

Done these already and think you’re out of ideas? Here’s an extensive list of many more party ideas that are sure to transform any bland evening with your friends into a memorable one! Write them down in your agenda planner and use them next time you throw a party in 2017.


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