6 Tips for Efficiently Using Your Agenda

Amber Clark

Aug 05, 2016


6 Tips for Efficiently Using Your Agenda

Using an agenda or old-fashioned planner is a great way to stay organized. Maintaining a physical book and writing down your schedule can take some getting used to, but the payoff is well worth the effort. The following tips will help when it comes to organizing your agenda and using your planner effectively.

Get in the Habit

You've probably purchased a planner with the intention of using it to stay organized, but failing to make a habit of updating it will only set you up for failure. Get in the habit of filling out your agenda at regular intervals, whether it's once a day, once a week, or monthly. Before you know it, checking your agenda and writing down crucial information will become second nature.

Only Include the Important Stuff

Never try to include everything in your planner; you'll just get overwhelmed. Planners are designed to keep you on track, but this doesn't mean you have to jot down your daily schedule by the half hour. Write down important information such as dates, deadlines, weekly or monthly goals, and appointments, but leave plenty of blank space for unplanned activities and downtime.

Tackle Daily Plans

Agendas are great for making your day easier, so consider the types of things you want to list in the daily section of your planner. These can include meal plans, workout schedules, appointments, dates, meetings, and to-do lists. Your daily plans can be noted a few days in advance, allowing you to remain flexible.

Plan for Larger Goals

Jotting down weekly plans is a good way to check in and note larger goals that can be accomplished in seven days. For instance, do you need to catch up on a household chore or send out invitations? Include those types of items in your planner's weekly section. As for monthly goals, your planner's monthly calendar section is great for remembering birthdays, paydays, weddings, holidays, reunions, and other special occasions. You can even come up with goals for the year.

Personalize Your Planner

Tips to Efficiently Use Your Agenda

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Part of the fun of keeping a physical planner and not just having your phone send you push notifications is that you get to be creative. Like color coding everything? Use colored pencils to write down your long-term goals and daily agendas, color coordinating the information by type or activity. You can even use stickers to brighten up your planner and make the experience more fun. Your planner is your personal space, so personalizing it in a creative way that suits your personality is half the fun.

Don't Forget to Cross Off Completed Tasks

Your agenda is there to keep you on track, which makes completing tasks all the more satisfying. To enjoy the full sense of completion, cross out the meetings, deadlines, appointments, and other tasks you've already fulfilled. Doing so will let you see just how much you've accomplished at a glance, helping you feel like you can tackle just about anything.

Making a plan and sticking to it are important. Organizing your agenda into a daily planner will help keep you organized and focused. What do you like to include in your personal planner?

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