5 Tips for Traveling With Your Partner for the First Time

Patty McCrystal

Aug 21, 2017


5 Tips for Traveling With Your Partner for the First Time

Traveling with your partner or new spouse for the first time is an exciting milestone in your relationship. You get to share breathtaking sites, delicious meals and sunsets in a new setting — memories that last a lifetime.

But traveling with your partner for the first time isn’t always easy. There are changes of plans, unforeseen expenses and general bumps in the road — sometimes literally!

Knowing what to plan for can keep you both on the same page while exploring together. Here are 5 tips for traveling with your partner to make sure every second is blissful and exciting.

Why You Should Take a Trip With Your Partner

Traveling with your partner means you create a whole list of romantic memories together. From exploring a beautiful new city to watching the sunset from a hammock on the beach, these shared experiences can strengthen your bond.

Not only that, but traveling together presents new challenges that can give you and your partner the opportunity to problem-solve together.

Whether it’s a missed flight or a language barrier, working through stressful situations will help strengthen your relationship as you learn more about one another.

Agree on a Goal

You may not think your trip needs a goal beyond time relaxing by the pool, but agreeing on a goal for your trip can help set expectations and make sure you see eye-to-eye.

If you want to hit every museum in the city while your partner wants to chill at the beach, you could kick off the trip with a heated argument in the hotel room.

Here’s an idea: You each get to plan one day of the trip. The other one has to join in on the activity of the other one’s choosing.

Plan Together

Planning your trip together will keep you both on board with the plan. Part of this planning should be setting and agreeing upon a budget before you go, so neither one of you stresses about expenses before the trip’s over.

A little organization goes a long way to help your trip run smoothly. You don’t want to point fingers at each other for forgetting the camera or phone charger.

Make a list with your partner to decide who will bring what, and make sure you each check it to avoid forgetting anything.

Schedule a Few Things in Advance

Although half the fun of travel is stumbling across incredible sites and local spots you didn’t expect to find, underpreparing can also leave you wondering where to go, what to see, and where to eat.

Plan at least one meal and one activity a day to help avoid last-minute scrambling. Find travel blogs and articles on the locations you’re going, and scour Yelp to preview menus and check out local hot spots.

OpenTable is another great resource for making reservations for a romantic dinner.

Check in With Each Other

Although you may have planned your day down to every detail, you or your partner might have a dip in energy or change of mood throughout the day.

Check in with each other often to see if you need to adjust the plan to pad in some downtime. It’s better to take a rain check than try to power through.

Take Some “Me” Time

As smitten as you may be with your partner, planning for some alone time may help you each get a breather and recharge. If it’s safe and possible, plan to spend some time apart.

If he’s dying to play golf while you’d rather read on the beach, part ways and meet up later. Plus, you’ll each have something new to talk about.

If you’re ready to plan your getaway with your honey, you’ll want to make sure you’re equipped with the right accessories to plan and stay organized for your trip ahead. Shop our travel section to make sure you’re covered before you hop on the plane!







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