5 Google Calendar Hacks to Make Life Easier

Amber Clark

Sep 05, 2016


5 Google Calendar Hacks to Make Life Easier

Google Calendar is a handy tool that will streamline your personal schedule and help avoid scheduling snafus with others. Get your friends, family, and coworkers on the Google bandwagon as well, and you can share and collaborate more efficiently than ever. Like most Google applications, Google Calendar has many handy hacks and hidden features that will help you get more out of this tool.

Set Up Reminders

Under Settings and Notifications, you'll find options for reminders in your Google Calendar. This is the perfect way to stay on top of everything if you don't check your Google Calendar regularly or keep it visible on your desktop. You have several options available to you, including SMS reminders, emails, or desktop popups. Set the reminders that are right for you, and you can see what's up next on your Google Calendar, whether you're glancing at your phone on the subway or working diligently at the computer in your office.

Add Events Automatically

Entering events into Google Calendar is as simple as a click or two when you know how to do it correctly. Utilize all the handy tools at your disposal, and you can fill up your calendar with minimal effort. Unless you change your settings, events from emails sent to your associated Gmail address will automatically populate in your calendar. You can turn this feature off, but it's a handy way to make sure your travel confirmations, meeting invitations, and other activities automatically pop over to your calendar.

Use Public Calendars

You can add information from another calendar with a single click by adding a shared calendar to your own account. Have friends, family members, and coworkers share their calendars, and you'll have instant access to everything that's going on. Google also supplies several interesting calendars of its own that you can subscribe to, such as holidays in foreign countries, sports calendars, moon phases, and even Star Trek–style stardates.

Master Quick Entry

When you're adding an event manually, you have two options. You can painstakingly enter the details in the appropriate fields, or you can use the handy Quick Add box. Click the triangle next to the Create button in the top left corner, or simply hit the Q key, and you'll get a simple text box. Enter your event in plain English, such as "Dinner with Mom Tuesday at 8." Google will dissect the information and place it in the right fields for you.

Find the Right Time

It's not always easy to find the right time when you're scheduling an event for multiple attendees. Google Calendar helps simplify this task with its "Find a Time" feature. Skip to the Edit Details page when you're creating a new event, add the appropriate guests, and click "Find a Time." If your guests have shared Google their calendars, you'll see a grid of everyone's availability so that you can book your event for a free block.

With the right approach, Google Calendar can become the best scheduling assistant you've ever had. Use these smart strategies to simplify your scheduling and enjoy all the functionality that Google Calendar has to offer.

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