5 DIY Projects for Entertaining on Your Patio This Summer

Amber Clark

May 05, 2016


5 DIY Projects for Entertaining on Your Patio This Summer

All through winter, you looked forward to stretching out in a comfy chair on a hot day with an icy cold drink or to gathering around the fire with friends to roast marshmallows on a starry summer night. Now summer is right around the corner — but is your patio party-ready? If you haven't entertained outdoors in a while, these easy DIY projects will get you in the summer party spirit and turn your patio into a place where everyone wants to be.

Make Magic With Cinder Blocks

These sturdy building blocks are highly versatile. Add some greenery to your patio by arranging them in a creative design and using them as planters. It's also easy to add a daybed or sofa to your outdoor space by combining cinder blocks with 4-by-4-inch wood beams. Paint the cement or wood, or leave it as is for a more industrial look.

Use Pallets for a Beautiful Table or Bar

Wood pallets are used to ship heavy furniture and other objects, and you can often find them available inexpensively or even free from local shops. Sand and paint a pallet and add four legs of any length, and you've got a beautiful outdoor table for serving. Put a twist on this idea by screwing two pallets together, stacking them on end, and adding a simple slab on top to create a rustic and functional patio bar.

Add Shimmering Light With Mason Jars

This is a great project for letting your imagination run wild. You can keep it simple by placing votive candles or LEDs in a few Mason jars to light your patio in the evening. Take it a step farther by breaking out the hot glue gun to add colored glass stones to the surface of the jar for a prismatic effect. You can even create your own Mason jar chandelier to cast a warm glow over your outdoor table.

Light the Night With a Fire Pit

Nothing else brings friends and family together like a roaring fire can. Don't be intimidated by the thought of building your own fire pit. All you need is a level surface, stones to build the walls, and some lava rocks to fill in the center. You might choose to spread sand, gravel, or decomposed granite around the perimeter as well — or perhaps add a grate on top for grilling.

Pave the Way to the Party

Lead the way to your newly improved patio by creating an inviting outdoor path for guests to follow. Use your imagination to arrange gravel, pebbles, pavers, stones, and small plants in a unique design that suits your personality and the feel of your home. Mason jar lights are a perfect way to light your path after the sun goes down.

Prepping your patio for summer entertaining is easy and fun. Each of these five DIY projects can be completed in an afternoon, so it's just a short wait from the moment inspiration strikes until your friends and family members are admiring your handiwork.


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