5 Big Design Ideas for Your Tiny Apartment

Amber Clark

Jan 17, 2017


5 Big Design Ideas for Your Tiny Apartment

It’s easy to think that a small space can limit your décor options. After all, there are only so many ways to make the most out of tight quarters, right?


We believe that small shouldn’t be synonymous with restrictive. Your home, no matter the size, should be your sanctuary, your safe place and your paradise for all your party hosting, reading, and Seinfeld -marathon-watching needs.

But, how much can you do with just a few square feet?

Well, pretty much everything. You just have to be smart about it.

Use small, reflective furniture

One of the simplest yet most effective tricks to amplify your space is to use the right furniture and decorations. When you fill in a tiny room with large furniture and chaotically placed items, you just make it smaller. While you might love a huge sofa or desk, it might just swallow everything around.

Instead, choose furniture that is proportional to your space. The rule is simple: if your space is small, then you need to choose small furniture. That said, don’t go for way too small furniture either. If anything, it just needs to feel that the sizes work together.

Also, consider placing some strategically chosen objects. For example, reflective items can emphasize light and give the illusion of wider space. Play with mirrors and glass for a sense of broader volumes and, why not, for a touch of glamor and luxury.

Organize Furniture into Mini Rooms

Once you get the furniture that can harmonize with your small space, there is one great trick to use them wisely. You should break down the space into smaller areas to make it appear larger than it is. Each area needs to be very distinctly marked by a specific function you desire.

For example, break down your living room into more mini rooms: a guest’s corner where you can sit and have a coffee, a dining section, a study haven where you can relax before bed or read your morning paper. It works very well for small spaces because it gives the impression of diversity.

Remember, it is not at all similar to having many objects that are randomly spread around. If anything, this only creates the opposite effect. It’s about building clear, different functionalities to different areas of the room.

Move It Away from the Walls

A common misconception when placing furniture in a tight space is that it has to be close to the walls. In fact, a big space does not equal to a more generous space illusion. Moving it away from the walls can give the space more fluidity and openness.

Get the Best Small Space Items

You want to make the most of your small apartment. So, choose the home essentials that are specially designed to emphasize tight spaces. From a hanging desk organizer to a storage rack, look for items that will not only add to the beauty of your home but also improve its functionality.

Make It Multipurpose

When space feels tight, you need to work with it, not against it. Home design has improved immensely so now you can rely on smart, multipurpose furniture to make your small apartment feel cozy. For example, a few shelves on the wall can transform your personal desk into both a work and storage area.

Who said small spaces need to be boring?

Hopefully, these tips are proof that size doesn’t really matter. Whether you live in a shoe box or a huge mansion, there’s not a nook or cranny you can’t decorate.

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