5 Activities That Can Boost Your Brain Power

Amber Clark

Jan 10, 2017


5 Activities That Can Boost Your Brain Power

Some people are always on the run and alert, so concentrated on performing their tasks that they seem like superhumans. It makes you believe that their brains work much better and faster than yours. Well, that might not be exactly untrue.

The brain has such a complex network of neurons that are always active, even during our sleep. They can be stimulated and energized for you to unlock a much higher potential. If you ever thought about how to increase brain power, how to get Limitless (movie pun intended), and access more than 10% of your brain, scientists have discovered that this is now actually possible.

No drug is needed.

Here’s how to improve brain function.

Optimize Your Working Environment

The right working environment can make you more alert and encourage your brain’s consciousness. A study by Cornell University shows that environmental conditions can improve productivity. Researchers demonstrated that warmer temperatures could help employees get 44% more work done at 77 degrees  in comparison to a temperature of 69 degrees.

The benefits of natural sunlight have also been praised for many years, and the explanation lies in the fact that too much artificial lighting provokes stress and lowers the ability to maintain high energy levels.

Books, photos, and inspirational texts trigger creativity, so pay attention to what things you keep around yourself. Also, studies have demonstrated that auditory distractions are beneficial for creativity and concentration, but only in small doses. A coffee shop’s background noise that goes to about 70 decibels provides the brain with the small boost of productivity it needs.

Eat the Right Foods

If you want to learn how to increase brain power, you need to pay attention to what you eat. The food that you feed your body can improve or sabotage your productivity. The concept of “smart foods” has been widely discussed. Healthy brains function on vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids, so make sure that your diet contains fruits and vegetables, eggs, whole grains, nuts and seeds and of course, dark chocolate and caffeine.

Move Your Body to Strengthen Your Brain

If you want to increase your brain functions, you need to strengthen your body. The brain uses 20% of the heart’s output of blood, so invest time in keeping your heart in good condition.

There are many ways to get your body moving and it doesn’t need to be a full workout to do so. Make physical activity a part of your routine, and you will see how you’ll find more power to be more productive. Swimming, dancing, or even walking can help boost your mental acuity.

Prioritize Your Sleep

Sleep-deprived people are more prone to making risky decisions than those who get a full night of sleep every night. Seven or eight hours of sleep a night are extremely important for your memory. Sleep helps to retain newly-formed memories, and also recharges the brain for optimal functioning during waking hours. Whenever you feel that you are tired and you can’t concentrate on your job, use the NASA method of taking 26-minute naps. It is proven to help you become 34 percent more alert and twice as focused.

Get Bored

Many people underestimate the benefits of boredom. In fact, boredom is the state that enhances your creativity. Giving yourself, time to think and disconnect from all distractions helps your brain declutter from all the stress and the noise that surrounds us. We are always connected to the internet, and every spare moment we have is spent scrolling online. Taking 15 minutes to stay unplugged with your thoughts is not an easy job for us, as this study shows, but it has great positive impact on our mental health.

The human brain can be sharpened and stimulated at any age, so don’t give up on your abilities to improve your memory and become more efficient, more capable and more active.





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