4 Stylish Home-Office Hacks to Stay Organized and Get Stuff Done

Trulie Employees

Oct 05, 2017


4 Stylish Home-Office Hacks to Stay Organized and Get Stuff Done

If you’re like 43% of Americans, you spend at least some hours working from home every week.

Whether you’re working remotely, handling homework or staying on top of your side hustle, your home office houses everything you need to be a successful #ladyboss.

A clean and organized home office space can help you stay inspired and motivated so you never miss a deadline, interview or birthday brunch with the besties.

If your home office is ready for a revamp, here are 4 organizational hacks to transform your home office into a chic retreat for taking care of business.

Get Organized with Wall Rails

If your desk is prone to clutter, attaching a wall rail in your home office is a stylish solution for keeping your workspace clean and organized.

While wall rails are usually used in the kitchen to hang pots and pans, you can use the same idea to store the essentials you'd normally keep on your desk — while adding your own decorative flair. 

You can attach brushed nickel cans, colorful cups or mason cars to the wall rail to hold your pens and pencils, tape dispensers, staplers, rulers, paper clips, and other essential office supplies.

Customize the cans or jars with labels, ribbons, or save a basket or two to sport fresh (or fake) flowers.

Go Bold with Chalkboard Paint

If your blank office walls need some sprucing, ditch the outdated wall calendar and make a bold custom calendar with the help of chalkboard paint. 

Not only is a large-scale chalkboard calendar a daring decorative solution to fill empty wall space, but it’s hard to miss those deadlines and appointments when they’re writ large across your wall.

Use chalkboard paint to make a large square, individual boxes for each day of the month, or a fun organic shape.

Once it’s dry, use a colored paint to create a calendar grid across the square, shape, or between boxes. Use different colored chalk to track your work, school and social events throughout the month.

You can spice up the calendar even further with a large wooden frame from a craft store to act as a border for your wall calendar. 

In this case, you’d want to measure the wooden frame's interior and paint the chalkboard calendar to fit inside the frame. Paint the frame a striking color to offset the chalkboard calendar, and you’re ready to stay organized in style.

Get Chic with Open Shelving

Rather than bringing chunky bookcases into your office, consider open shelving adhered directly to the wall.

The look of open shelves is both fashionable and functional for keeping your home office looking chic and polished.

Place your books, file folders, and storage bins along the shelves for easy access. Mix and match the textures of items placed on the shelves to make this organizational hack even more stylish.

Break up sections of books with a beautiful woven basket, colorful cloth storage bins or bright framed photos. Add in a few meaningful souvenirs, house plants, or decorative touches to finish the look while keeping your important work and school items easily within reach.

Contain Your Cords

From cords for your laptop, printer or desk lamp to your smartphone and tablet charger, your home office can easily become overrun by cords and wires.

Keeping your cords neatly contained with a surge protector will help you keep your office from looking cluttered and help you from getting your feet or desk chair tangled up in wires.

To keep your cords off the floor and out of the way, you can suspend the surge protector underneath your desk with a wire basket. Once you've mounted the basket, you can plug in your electronics to the surge protector and keep all your cords stored away. 

A clean, organized work space can help you stay motivated and slay whatever tasks are thrown your way. But even the best home office doesn’t always make finding a balance between all of life’s demands easy. Here’s our hacks for how to strike the perfect work, life and social balance >






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