4 Reasons to Start Using an Agenda in 2017 and Organize Your Life

Amber Clark

Dec 05, 2016


4 Reasons to Start Using an Agenda in 2017 and Organize Your Life



Everybody knows at least one person who works full-time, runs a successful side business, volunteers and somehow still finds the time and energy to attend social events, cook epic meals and train for a marathon.

How do they do it when you can’t seem to find time to complete high-priority projects, let alone work on a side business or other personal goals? It’s very easy to work hard and still feel as though you’ve accomplished nothing significant at the end of the day. Between boring meetings, last-minute tasks, and endless interruptions, it’s easy to be busy all day without doing any actual work.

So what can you do? Start using an agenda to organize your days better and make your life easier.

Find an Agenda That Works for You

There are probably a few planners and agendas on your desk right now that you never bothered to open. Most of them were gifts received at events, but they don’t inspire you to open them and start writing down your goals and to-do lists. They are bland, distasteful, and don’t fit your personality at all.

If you want to make 2017 the most organized year yet, invest in an agenda that suits your needs. Find out if the horizontal weekly layout works better for you than the vertical one and shop accordingly. And,make sure the cover inspires you to open your planner every morning and schedule your day.

Use Your Agenda to Make Lists

Between work, social obligations and personal goals, getting things done is almost always harder than it seems. Many productive people recommend writing to-do lists as an effective way to stay on top of everything throughout the day. However, most of us tend to write our to-do lists on a piece of paper or on a post-it note, which almost always gets lost before noon.

An agenda can help you organize your days more effectively. You can write down everything you need to do in your planner and use the list for guidance on important tasks. You can also use your agenda to prioritize tasks and make sure you are always working on the most important projects.

Separate Work and Social Life

Between your job, family, personal projects and friends, it can be difficult to keep your life organized. No matter how many notes you write down on your phone or how many appointments you schedule in Google Calendar, there’s always one commitment you forgot about.

An agenda can help you separate your school/work and social life so that you can rest assured that you will never miss an important meeting or event. Just write everything down in your agenda and consult it every morning to see what needs to be done and when. That way, you won’t feel like you’re missing anything important.

Use Your Agenda to Plan Ahead

Ideas can strike at any time. A blog post you read, a conversation you overheard on the bus, a personal experience, a tweet or even a turn of events in your favorite TV show could inspire a new idea. That is why it is important to always have your agenda with you to write down your ideas for a winning pitch presentation, a blog post, a potential business concept and so on.

Progress and high performance certainly come from hard work, but that’s not enough. You work hard already. In fact, you might not be able to work any harder without burnout. To achieve your goals and improve your performance in your career or business, you need to learn how to organize your time better in 2017. You can begin by buying a new agenda that suits your needs.





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