20 Tips to Organize Your Office and Maximize Your Productivity

Amber Clark

Jan 03, 2017


20 Tips to Organize Your Office and Maximize Your Productivity

Clearing out the space clears out your mind to focus on the tasks at hand. Here are the best tips to teach you how to organize your office better. Feel free to use them all.

1. Clear out your desk: Take every object off your desk right now. Once you get rid of the clutter, you will be able to envision how you want to rearrange your office.

2. Remove unnecessary objects from the drawers: This is the perfect time to throw out any unnecessary objects you’ve been storing in your desk drawers for years.

3. Clean your desk thoroughly: Now that your desk is finally clean, you can give it a proper scrub.

4. Designate the purpose: It’s easier to organize your home office desk into a main workspace (your desk and computer), a reference area (filing cabinet, books, archives) and a supply area (closet, shelves, drawers).

5. Store in containers: One of the best tips on how to organize your office desk is to place all your office supplies in baskets, bins and drawers.

6. Hide cords: If you want to escape the tangled mess created by electrical cords, place them inside a drawer. You can also use a small container to hide all the wires.

7. Label the files: Make sure that each file has its own designated place. Add a label on the tab of each folder to find and retrieve your files quickly when you need them.

8. Sort out the files: Now that your system is in place and you have created all your folders, you should order them alphabetically to find them without effort.

9. File digitally: Eliminate old papers and replace them with digital documents. If you’re storing files on your computer, make sure you are doing regular back-ups.

10. Organize drawers: Avoid mixing the contents of your drawers, like scissors with pencils, or post-its with highlighters. Instead, place each category into a different box or compartment, which remains open at the top to easily see what’s inside. You can DIY your dividers as shown here.

11. Get a mood board: Use a panel made out of foam to coordinate and get your everyday creative outburst at the same time. You can pin up hand-written notes, memos, paper cut-outs and any picture or quote that sets an inspiring working day mood for you.

12. Take advantage of wall space: Use your wall to hang calendars, filing systems, whiteboards, or even some plants.

13. Implement a color-coding system: That is very effective if you want to know how to organize your office files better. Establish the number of categories you will have in your system, and then implement it to organize your files better.

14. Throw away old and unnecessary items: Another great tip on how to organize your home office is to get rid of unused items. That way you’re gaining more space and a new perspective.

15. Add a Touch of Personality: A few small toys, a framed picture, or a funny coffee mug can make your office desk feel more personal and welcoming.

16. Keep essentials close: Think about how often you reach for certain objects on your desk and keep them within reach.

17. Keep up with paperwork: To facilitate sorting paper documents, invest in a letter tray.

18. Create a catch-all space: Every office needs a place to catch incoming personal belongings; use shelves/hooks and a trashcan to throw away the garbage.

19. Collect wisely: Use magazine boxes or binders to store magazines and catalogs you want to keep and recycle the others away.

20. Avoid clutter: If you want to keep your desk, clean and organized for longer, make a habit of putting items away after you’ve used them.

Organizing your office doesn’t have to take days. Use these tips, and you’ll have a clean and neat home office desk in no time.





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